Glow-worm Boiler Repair and Servicing

Glowcare has a wealth of knowledge and know-how working on the very latest Glow-worm highly efficient boiler’s, as well of course, as all previous models in the Glow-worm boiler range.

We’re proud to be Glow-worm’s official UK service agent for the North West of England, having provided our valued customers with expert Glow-worm boiler repair and service, since 1992.

We provide affordable one-off fixed labour price repairs, for Glow-worm customers in most areas of North West England, including Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool and Lancashire as well as most other towns and cities across the region.

Having specialist knowledge of the latest Glow-worm energy efficient combi boilers, e.g. Ultracom, Ultimate, Easicom, Flexicom and Betacom ensures that the calibration and setup, are to the manufacturer’s precise specification. This enables the boiler to run at optimal performance, achieving maximum energy effiency, reducing long-term costs.

We also of course, have a wealth of experience with all older Glow-worm combination and system boilers, including, Glow-worm 24, 30 & 38 CXI, HXI and SXI, for problems with Fault Codes including: F1, F3, F6, F9, F11, F12, F13, & F14 . In addition to this, we service the Ultimate, Micron and Compact models.

We almost always complete boiler repairs in a single visit.

Please view our Customer Testimonials page to see how our service is rated by our customers.

To arrange a Glow-worm boiler repair or service, please call us today on 01244 880 725 or 07789 018 775.

You can also use our Enquiry Form to send us an email.

You can find more detailed information on our Glow Worm Boiler Service page.


Glow-worm Boiler Models

Glow-worm Combination Boilers

  • Ultracom cxi
  • Ultracom cx
  • Flexicom cx
  • Xtramax he
  • Betacom c

Glow-worm Open Vent Boilers

  • Ultracom hxi
  • Flexicom hx

Glow-worm System Boilers

  • Ultracom sxi
  • Flexicom sx

Glow-worm System Store Boilers

  • Ultrapower sxi

Other Glow-worm Boiler Models

  • 24 ci
  • 30 ci
  • Hotwater Express
  • Swift Flow
  • Fuel Saver
  • Space Saver
  • Compact P
  • Compact SS


Other Repairable Glow-worm Boilers

    • 23c
    • 30ci Plus
    • Compact 75E
    • Compact 80E
    • Compact 100E
    • 24-38CXI Range
    • EnergySaver 40
    • EnergySaver 60
    • EnergySaver 80
    • EnergySaverCombi 80
    • EnergySaverCombi 100
    • Hideaway 40BF
    • Hideaway 40CF
    • Hideaway 50BF
    • Hideaway 50CF
    • Hideaway 60BF
    • Hideaway 60CF
    • Hideaway 70BF
    • Hideaway 70CF
    • Hideaway 80BF
    • Hideaway 80BFF
    • Hideaway 80CF
    • Hideaway 80CFF
    • Hideaway 100BF
    • Hideaway 100CF
    • Hideaway 120BF
    • Hideaway 120CF
    • 12-38hxi Range
    • 18-30sxi Range
    • Micron 30FF
    • Micron 40FF
    • Micron 50FF
    • Micron 60FF
    • Micron 70FF
    • Micron 80FF
    • Ultimate 30BF
    • Ultimate 30FF
    • Ultimate 40BF
    • Ultimate 40CF
    • Ultimate 40FF
    • Ultimate 50BF
    • Ultimate 50CF
    • Ultimate 50FF
    • Ultimate 60BF
    • Ultimate 60CF
    • Ultimate 60FF
    • Ultimate 70FF
    • Ultimate 80FF
    • Ultimate 100FF
    • Ultimate 120FF
    • Xtrafast 96-120
    • Xtramax
    • Energysaver Combi 80-100


Glow-worm Discontinued Models

Glow-worm Back Boiler Units

      • Glow-worm 56/3e Back Boiler Unit
      • Glow-worm 56/3 Back Boiler Unit
      • BBU 45/4
      • BBU 54/4
      • Glow-worm 45/2 Back Boiler Unit
      • Glow-worm 56-2 Back Boiler Unit
      • Inset BBU50
      • Inset 40BBU