Vaillant F.62 fault explained and how best to get it resolved

Vaillant ecoTEC F.62 fault – 6 key questions

This Vaillant ecoTEC F.62 fault blog, deals with 6 key questions concerning the F.62 fault error code. We look at who, ideally, should carry out the repair and why.

Our focus is on four key factors; The PCB, The Gas Valve, Specialists who carry Vaillant parts, and other companies who may not carry a stock of Vaillant parts.


Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler Fault Code F.62


1. What is a Vaillant fault code of F.62?

When a F.62 fault code is triggered, as well as stopping the boiler from operating any further, the error code message also informs that a specific fault or problem has occurred in the boiler.


2. What fault does a F.62 error code specifically point to?

When a fault error code of F.62 flashes, or is shown on the digital display screen of a Vaillant ecoTEC plus or pro combi or system boiler, it usually means that a fault has developed in either one of two integral boiler parts; the PCB (printed circuit board) or the Gas Valve.


3. Which Vaillant ecoTEC models get F.62 problems?

Most Vaillant ecoTEC plus and pro boilers can experience a problem with F.62 failure. As Vaillant specialists who carry out ecoTEC boiler repairs and services on a daily basis, we find that the majority of F.62 fault error codes occur on the earlier Vaillant ecoTEC pro and plus R1 boilers. These first ecoTECs were produced from 2005 to 2012. This F.62 issue on these older R1 models (normally at least 10 years old), is much more prevalent than on the later updated ecoTECs (or “ecoTEC 2”), which have been produced since 2012.


4. Why does the F.62 fault occur intermittently?

When the Vaillant ecoTEC plus and pro boilers get around (or beyond) 10 years old, defects in certain components can occasionally develop. It is these developing faults (in either the PCB or the Gas Valve) that are responsible for the boiler starting to fail intermittently, with the F.62 fault error code.

Customers will often contact us saying that the water goes cold when their shower is being used. When they check the digital display on the ecoTEC boiler it is showing a F.62 fault error code. They often go on to say, that they can reset the boiler again and the hot water returns for a short while, but the intermittent failure keeps coming back!

It is worth pointing out that in the same way the F.62 fault code starts to intermittently appear, a similar pattern also appears with other related Vaillant fault codes of F.27, F.61, F.63, F.64, F.65 & F.67.


5. Will constant F.62 resetting, damage the ecoTEC?

No, the boiler will just keep on being able to be reset, until ultimately the part in the boiler will fail.


6. What information is there on how to fix the F.62 fault?

There is written information from Vaillant covering the F.62 fault code, but NOT how to fix it, for obvious reasons!
This information is in the “Troubleshooting” section of the Vaillant ecoTEC boiler installation and servicing book, under “Error Codes”. The book refers to the “Meaning” of the F.62 code as “Gas Valve Shutoff Delay”, referring to the “Cause” it says “Gas Valve Leaking, Electronics Defective”.

It may well be that the Gas Valve is defective, however, in our experience it is a faulty PCB component which needs replacing, in the majority of cases, to rectify the problem.


Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler - PCB - F.62 Fault


Only a Gas Safe Registered engineer/installer, who holds the appropriate qualification, is legally allowed to work on a Gas boiler.


What to consider when choosing who should fix a Vaillant F.62 fault?

So, with the above having been explained, what approaches are there when exploring the subject of getting the Vaillant F.62 fault resolved?

Usually, there are two different approaches that customers take, when trying to get a F.62 fault error code repaired on their Vaillant ecoTEC plus/pro combi or system boilers. These are to use any Gas Safe Registered business that is qualified to work on boilers, or use a dedicated Vaillant repair specialist who serves your area.

In an ideal world, it would be great to get the Vaillant F.62 fault fixed professionally, in a single visit, without wasting time and money.

To be honest, no engineer can truly know for sure which is the defective part (or parts) causing the F.62 fault, until they attend the repair.
In fact, you don’t actually know whether it is the PCB or the Gas Valve that is the defective part, until one of those two parts has been replaced and the boiler is back up and working again.


So the PCB or the Valve?

In Vaillant’s ecoTEC installation and servicing instructions, the boilers Gas Valve is referred to first as a possible cause of the F.62 fault.

However, in our experience as Vaillant’s agent, we find it’s usually the PCB (9 times out of 10) that needs changing.

So, it could be that the PCB (as it is most times) is causing the F.62 fault, but it can also be the Gas Valve that is the defective component causing the failure!

In some circumstances, it can even be that both parts are faulty and have to be replaced (but thankfully this is very rare).

Also, Vaillant F.62 issues can sometimes involve the Ignition Cable and/or the Electrode as well.


Vaillant ecoTEC Boiler - Gas Valve


Given that it is not usually possible to know for definite if the PCB or Gas Valve is causing the fault until the defective part is removed and replaced, if a local or national company (who could work on many different boiler makes) attends the Vaillant repair, they (not being Vaillant specialists) may need to leave the job once or twice to purchase Vaillant parts for the repair, as they may not carry many parts for the ecoTEC model in question.

These parts may also not necessarily be stocked at the local merchant, and would need to be ordered in, possibly adding additional time and cost to the repair.
Also, the customer may be being charged by the hour for the repair, which could prove costly if diagnosing the problem is a lengthy procedure. Trips to the parts merchant to purchase or order parts all take time.

The Vaillant Specialist on the other hand, being familiar as an expert on the entire ecoTEC boiler range, would not usually take too much time in pinpointing the exact problem! The required part would be carried as van stock, so no delay in the repair.
There is also the benefit that a specialist would probably use a “one-off labour price” type charge.


Vaillant Parts Carried?

The benefit of using a Vaillant Specialist, is the certainty of the extensive range of genuine Vaillant parts that would be carried.
This means that in the vast majority of cases a successful repair is achieved on any Vaillant boiler, given that they would normally carry around 95% of all the parts for the ecoTEC boiler range, also enabling them to change more than one part if necessary.
There is also the benefit that a specialist would probably use a “one-off labour price” type charge.

Deciding who to use for any boiler repair is often not straightforward at the best of times, in regard to cost, reputation, knowledge and convenience.

Do give plenty of thought and consideration to who you’re going to use for your Vaillant ecoTEC boiler’s F.62 repair.

Some customers we visit can still painfully recount, costly and frustrating previous experiences they’ve had, after choosing the wrong company for their boiler repair!